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Welcome to the future of medicine.

Embrace the power of Zenith.Care and embark on a uniquely tailored journey to your optimal self. Our system connects with existing healthcare records and smart devices, consolidating all health data into a Health Passport that is uniquely tailored for every user.

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  • Our AI health companion provides tailored plans for diet and fitness, empowering users to make better wellness decisions.

  • Patients who follow their doctor-approved regimens will receive on-chain rewards, yielding real world incentives for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

  • Zero knowledge proofs keep users firmly in control of their own health data, ensuring verifiable privacy and accessibility.

Revolutionizing Your Health Journey

Discover how Zenith Care takes a leap beyond the traditional healthcare model, offering a transformative, secure, and personalized health management experience. We're flipping the script on healthcare, putting the power back in your hands.

Traditional wellness has problems

Zenith.Care is built on solutions

Generic health advice that doesn't take into account individual differences.
Personalized health recommendations tailored to each individual's unique health profile.
Users have no control over who can access their health data.
Users have complete control over their data, deciding who can (and cannot) access their Health Passport.
Reactive approach to health, with interventions only after health problems arise.
Proactive health management encourages users to take charge of their health.
No rewards for following healthy behaviors.
Users are rewarded for healthy behaviors, incentivizing meaningful health management.
Time-consuming and complex process to schedule health appointments.
AI-driven system handles scheduling of all health and wellness appointments.
Traditional healthcare model that struggles to incorporate new technology.
Embraces the latest technology, paving the way for the future of healthcare.

Introducing ELIXIR ONE

Step into the future of personalized wellness with our inaugural bespoke wellness supplement. Expertly tailored to your unique health needs, Elixir One boosts cognitive function and overall health, powering your journey towards optimal wellness. With data drawn from your Health Passport, Elixir One aligns seamlessly with your individual health profile. It's not just a supplement, it's a beacon guiding you to your best possible self.

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Meet the Visionaries behind Zenith.Care

Introducing the dedicated team of innovators, wellness experts, and tech gurus who are reshaping the landscape of personalized healthcare.

Dr. Amelia Kingston
Founder // CEO
Previously: Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic

With over 20 years of experience in integrative medicine, Dr. Kingston combines her deep understanding of traditional healthcare with a passion for personalized care. She leads our medical advisory board, ensuring Zenith.Care is aligned with the highest standards of medical practice.

Dr. Jack T. Sullivan
Founder // CTO
‍Previously: Meta, Withings

A visionary in the realm of blockchain and AI, Jack spearheads our technological advancements. With an impressive track record in Silicon Valley, his expertise in secure, decentralized technologies drives the foundation of Zenith.Care.

Dr. Uma Patel
Director of AI Research
Previously: IBM Watson Health, DeepMind

Dr. Patel, a pioneer in AI, blends machine learning with healthcare to create our intelligent digital advisor. Her PhD in AI from MIT and extensive research in personalized healthcare make her a guiding force in our AI developments.

Danielle Arriaga
Chief Security Officer
Previously: Palo Alto Networks, CrowdStrike

With a 10 year career in cybersecurity, Daniel ensures Zenith.Care's data security is ironclad. Her understanding of zero-knowledge proofs and on-chain security protocols ensure the privacy of our users' health data.

Elijah Ishioka
Director of Product
Previously: Apple, Medtronic, Fitbit

Elijah has been leading product development teams in the tech industry for more than a decade. His keen eye for user-centric design and deep understanding of user experience shapes the intuitive interface of Zenith.Care.

Dr. Linda Harper
Director of Medical Analysis
Previously: Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer

Dr. Harper spearheads the medical analysis team at Zenith.Care. Holding a PhD in Biomedical Sciences, her expertise guides the interpretation of user health data, ensuring personalized, accurate, and actionable insights for our users' wellness journeys.